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Sheds on Sunday. 10/04/16.

April 11, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

So it was Sunday Morning, sun was shining and it was also my first one back at work later in the evening, so what better way to do then go out with the camera, Sunday however isn't one of the better days for transport photography so it was a case of check Realtime Trains to see what was happening. I seen that the car train from Halewood to Southampton was running so it was a case of plot a place and go, with the light being decent, the best place to get to was Barby Nortoft next to Daventry International Railfreight Terminal on the fringes of Northamptonshire, so it was down the A5 I went.

Arriving at the location, which on RTT is classed as Daventry North Junction, no surprise really seeing the junction is literally just North of the bridge. Another glance at RTT seen there was also 2 engineers' services due so I hung about to see what materialised.....

  • 12:12 66168 6O38 Halewood - Southampton Eastern Docks.
  • 12:22 66060 6R04 Weedon - Bescot via Swanbourne Sidings.
  • 12:56 66182 6R05 Weedon - Bescot via Swanbourne Sidings.



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