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ходячие мертвецы)(non-registered)
Good site found my truck kp14fnu keep up the good work☺
Robert Dickinson(non-registered)
Nice site, some good images on here


Ian Loasby(non-registered)
Nice site james, refer my mukka's in Ontario to it as they can see what its like over here.
Tony Myers(non-registered)
Hi, just seen your photos of my trucks - well done!

Just wondered if you have anymore, or if you take any, I will be pleased to see them
fliss punshon(non-registered)
very good picturesxx
Steve Wilson(non-registered)
Hi James,

Just to confirm, all your road haulage photo's are within the photography laws of the UK. You do not need to remove any images if any requests are made that you do, please inform my office and I will deal with it for you.

Best Regards,

WR's Railway Photography
Super site mate, keep up the good work.
Nice new website and good to see you've got a great selection of photographs on here! Keep updating the site and I'll b checking back.

Best Regards,

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