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On the (Leicester) Buses - 11/01/15

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A non-railway update to this site see's 2 small galleries added.

As many of you know, I am a member of the EMRPS (East Midlands Railway Photographic Society), and have been - since 2007 - been attending, where possible, the photo shoots that have been arranged which tend to be mainly diesel locomotives on a train representing a certain period from the railway past at various preserved lines around the country. The charter organiser, Jason Cross who I also view as a good friend as well as a valuable assistant with regards to photography is a Leicester man born and bred and this is where this charter comes into it.

A first time shoot that the EMRPS has done seen a band of photographers take to the streets of Leicester on Sunday Night (11/01/15) to photograph two heritage buses, these being a Leyland Titan PD3 (no 48) and Metro Scania (no 301) both in the attractive livery of Leicester City Transport which were posed at various locations throughout the city, starting off in the suburbs of Braunstone and Glenfield before moving into the City Centre at various local landmarks such as the town hall and Leicester's sole surviving railway station (there use to be 3 in the City Centre: Leicester London Road which is still used today whilst Belgrave Road, and the much missed Great Central station were closed). The photographers including myself also rode the buses in between different locations, I opted for the Metro Scania for my chariot of choice which was actually a very pleasant ride and was in fact the first time since I got my car, travelled on a bus.

The idea of the shoot, which I think was pulled off very well, was to recreate a period between the mid 1970's to the early 1980's when the two types of buses were seen working in Leicester side by side. The crew operated (driver and conductor) PD3 was being phased out in favour of the driver-only operated Metro Scania in the period.

The locations visited - in order - were:

  • Cort Crescent, Braunstone.
  • Liberty Road, Glenfield.
  • Woodgate Library.
  • Humberstone Gate
  • Charles Street.
  • Leicester Railway Station.
  • Horsefair Street. 

After an enjoyable 7 hours of photography, it was back to Causeway Lane adjacent to the High Cross Shopping Centre when the photographers dispersed.

Images from the shoot, in chronological order with the newest first can be found here: http://jamespower.zenfolio.com/p51806620

The second gallery is the modern buses which we photographed in between shoots with the brucie bonus being First Leicester's KX05 MJF, 66965 which is currently sporting the heritage livery of Leicester City Tramway. This gallery can be found here: http://jamespower.zenfolio.com/p64704500  

Hope you enjoy these images.




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