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The tube returns to Ongar.

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Hi Folks,

Well another new addition to my site, this time an EMRPS night shoot at the Epping and Ongar Railway in Essex.

On 30th September 1994, London Underground ceased services on the Central Line between Epping and Ongar, and this was commemorated with the night shoot utilising the original 1960 Cravens 3-car set. As the line is no longer electrified the train was propelled along using 2 London Underground (Transplant) Schoma diesel locomotives 12 and 3. The Cravens set was the same set that operated the last service over the line in 1994, and the original headboard complete with a second replica headboard to try and replicate as near as possible the last train. However it would have been impossible to recreate the scene 100% as we have needed the conductor rails and a couple hundred re-enactors but was still a good scene.

On top of the Cravens set, we also had 03119 and 31438 posed on a short MOD freight service and of course the Schoma diesels were posed in a separate scene by the signalbox. 

Outside the station, there was also a Daimler Fleetline XF1 bus to give some variety.

Many Thanks to Jason Cross for organising the shoot and of course the Epping & Ongar Railway for allowing the shott to take place.

The train pictures: http://jamespower.zenfolio.com/p1009237426

The bus pictures: http://jamespower.zenfolio.com/p100321164

Hope you enjoy.





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