Zenfolio | Transport Photography by James Power | Classic Buccaneer Jets and VC-10 at Bruntingthorpe. 21/11/15.

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The last photo shoot for me of 2015 seen a local trip to Bruntingthorpe Airfield, near Lutterworth in Leicestershire to partake in a Timeline Events photo charter which utilised 4 Buccaneer jets and the VC-10 as subjects.
The jets we used were; XW544, XX894, XX899 and XX900.

As ever, a massive thanks to the Timeline Events team, our cast of re-enactors and of course Bruntingthorpe for allowing this charter to go ahead.

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005_2187 (1024x678)007_2188 (1024x678)XX899Airbus Skylink "Super Guppy""Standing Proud""Eye on the Sky"Climbing Aboard....Thumbs Up, and ready to roll.....Sunset Silhouette.Going Up.Ready for battle.A proud airman returns.Mission Accomplished.Giving the jet a once over.XX899 in the dark.204_2199 (1024x678)205_2200 (1024x678)206_2201 (1024x678)211_2202 (1024x678)214_2203 (1024x678)