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A first time go at aviation photography for me led to a venture into Essex with North Weald Airfield being the location of chioce. This was a Timeline Events charter which seen 2 fine aircraft being utilised from the Hangar 11 Collection, these being:

Hawker Hurricane MK IIB BE505
North American P-51D Mustang 44-72035

To add authenticity to the images, we also had period vehicles and period dressed re-enactors to bring some life to the photo's. With the exception of the engine runs, and group photo's, all images are in either Black & White or Sepia.


Colour Copies for enthusiasts are available on request for a fee, those associated with the airfield will of course be entitled to free images.

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One of our re-enactor's posing as a Tuskegee Airmen.Checking things over....Having a chat, whilst the final checks are made.Our ground crew, and owner of the planes; Peter Teichman (3rd from left).All of our re-enactor friends and ground crew pose next to the North American P-51D Mustang after an excellent shoot.An engine run on the Mustang P-51D.An engine run on the Mustang P-51D.Final checks being made on the Hawker Hurricane.Final checks being made on the Hawker Hurricane.Ground crew and airmen have a chat in the last vestiges of light.The Hawker Hurricane MKIIB BE505.An engine run on the Hawker Hurricane MKIIB BE505.An engine run on the Hawker Hurricane MKIIB BE505.Military Police motorcycle.Call to Action!!!...On a nice warm summers evening in 1943, several airmen enjoy a quick chat.Checking the prop of the Hawker Hurricane MKIIB BE505 before the call comes through....Military personnel posing against the North American Mustang P-51D during the summer of 1943.Despite the clouds of war, military personnel find time to socialise in between call outs during the Summer of 1943.Burbage Common and TLE 161_1793 (1024x678)