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A couple of models posing for photographers as well as a number of re-enactors for Timeline Events.

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Smoke Break.A Stern Look.In Deep Thought...."Could you repeat that please..........."Photography Show 037_2372 (1280x848)Photography Show 036_2371 (848x1280)First Aid.Getting patched up.Photography Show 030_2368 (848x1280)Armed and Ready.Been through the wars.An afternoon tea and chat.The Air Raid Protection Warden.An afternoon read.An early afternoon tea and chat during the dark days of  World War 2.A Lady during World War 2."The call has just come in..."Photography Show 041_2374 (848x1280)Photography Show 039_2373 (848x1280)Photography Show 005_2359 (1280x848)