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Despite the rubbish weather, a nice day was had at the Severn Valley Railway for the lines diesel gala. Loco's seen during the day were:

D3022, D4100, 20059, 20142, 20188, 20205, 31162, 31452, 33035, 37716, 46045, 50008, 50049, D1015, 55002, 55019, 66763, 68025.

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D3022 D4100 Foley Park.46045 (D182) Foley Park.D4100 D3022 Foley Park.55002 (D9002) Foley Park.50049 Foley Park.50008 Foley Park.31452 Foley Park.D1058 Foley Park.33035 Foley Park.66763 Foley Park.31452 Foley Park.31162 (5580) Foley Park.20188 (D8188) 20059 (D8059) Foley Park.55019 (D9019) Foley Park.68025 Foley Park.20205 20142 Foley Park.46045 (D182) Foley Park.37716 Foley Park.55019 (D9019) Foley Park.31162 (5580) Eardington Bank.