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47/7 subclass consisted of Class 47's equipped with remote control equipment for use on push-pull services. 47701 - 47717 were fitted with remote control equipment in the 1980's for use on 100mph push-pull operation on Edinburgh - Glasgow services. 47721 - 47793 were converted 47/4's equipped with upgraded remote control equipment and long range fuel tanks in the 1990's for use with Railnet (Parcels and Royal Mail trains).

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47746477784779847798477254770347775 in Rail Express Systems (RES) livery at Crewe Diesel Depot.47782477714776947709 in Network SouthEast livery at Old Oak Common Depot.47774477444770747787 in RES livery at Crewe Diesel Depot.47763 in RES livery at Crewe Diesel Depot.47704477614779947798