Zenfolio | Transport Photography by James Power | Timeline Events at RAF Cosford. 16/01/17.

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Following on from last years successful photo event at RAF Cosford in October 2016, Monday 16th January once again played host to a Timeline Events photo charter at RAF Cosford. As well as the usual Jaguars that featured last year, there was also the addition of some Tornado's as well as the usual cameo scenes featuring a magnificent cast of re-enactors.

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Royal Air Force Sepecat Jaguar GR3 XX119.Panavia Tornado GR1 ZA323.Panavia Tornado GR1 ZA323.Sepecat Jaguar GR-1 XX765.A head on shot of Sepecat Jaguar GR-3 XX725.Sepecat Jaguar GR-1 XX765 taken from the top of an elevated platform.An elevated shot of Sepecat Jaguar GR-3 XX119.An elevated shot of Panavia Tornado GR-1 ZA323.Back on terracotta, and kneeling down for this head on shot of XX765.A side on shot of Panavia Tornado GR-1 ZA320.Panavia Tornado GR-1 ZA320.Sepecat Jaguar GR-1 XX765.Turning my attention to Sepecat Jaguar GR-3 XX725, giving it the black and white treatment.014015016017018019020