Zenfolio | Transport Photography by James Power | Concorde in the Limelight 30/11/16.

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A Timeline Events photo charter with what is probably the most iconic aircraft ever to have graced the world's skies; Concorde.

G-BBDG Delta Golf based at the Brooklands Museum in Weybridge, Surrey was the craft we used and as ever with Timeline we also had a fine selection of re-enactors posing as passengers and cabin crew to recreate the halycon days of air travel.

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Standing Proud.Concorde G-BBDG.Seeing Red...Looking out over the road.Lego Concorde.Flight Attendant.Opening the Locker."Can you put this away for me please".Stowing the case.Lights Out.G-BBDG Flight Deck."Welcome aboard Concorde Madam, hope you have an enjoyable flight to New York".Checking the ticket and seat reservation.Brooklands Concorde by night.Eye LevelThe Nose Knows...Lighting the Way.