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The sub-class 47/3 was built as a dedicated freight locomotive with no train heating whatsoever. 47300 was added to the subclass in 1992 when 47468 was stripped of all it's electric train supply (ETS) equipment. Since the TOPS process was introduced in the 1970's, it was and still is standard practice for a locomotive number not to end with "00", 47300 is only one of 2 locomotives to be different; 31400 was the other locomotive. The 47384 to 47399 locomotive range was created in 1994 when a mixture of 47/0's and 47/3's were renumbered.
47364 was transferred for departmental use in 1993 and was renumbered to 47981.

Locomotives that can be classed as 47/3's are:

47300 - 47381
47384 - 47399

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47309 Crewe Diesel Depot.47368 Preston  (1024x682)47375 Bescot (1024x670)4733547375473164735547305 in Freightliner livery at Crewe Basford Hall Yard.473704731247358 in Freightliner livery at Crewe Diesel Depot.473754736747348473614737647331473304735447364