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North Norfolk Railway Night Shoot - 08/11/14.

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Saturday 8th November seen another EMRPS night shoot take place, this time at the delightfully restored station of Weybourne on the North Norfolk Coast on the preserved North Norfolk Railway, which in happier times was part of the Midland & Great Northern Joint line between Cromer and Melton Constable (which was Norfolk's equivalent of Crewe).

Although it started as a pleasant drive from Hinckley down the A5, M1 and the A14, the weather changed and was quite variable along the A14 between Catthorpe Interchange and Thrapston where me and the A14 parted company and I headed off onto the A605 towards Peterborough and the A47. Some people might say why didn't I travel on the A47 from Hinckley seeing as I only live yards from it, well the answer is simple I didn't fancy the assault course negotiating Leicester what with it's myriad of traffic lights, roundabouts and road works plus there isn'y much difference in the time (5 minutes or thereabouts).

Back on the A47, passing the delightful Fens, I encountered one heck of a rain shower between Guyhirne and Wisbech,  the rain was coming down that hard it was akin to someone turning on a high powered pressure hose and was like it to a point just before Kings Lynn where the rain eventually eased off, and I was able to get up to above 30mph which other motorists and myself had been doing for the previous 18 or so miles from Guyhirne roundabout (A47 and A141). Upon arrival at Kings Lynn it was a fond farewell to the A47 and onto the A149 for a short distance then the A148 for the final lap through Fakenham and Holt and then to Weybourne.

Upon arrival at Weybourne Station, the scene was being set up for what would be a great nights of photography as is always the case with the EMRPS. First up was Class 37 D6732 on a short rake of MKI's facing towards Sheringham and Cromer sporting the headcode 1E87. As and addition we also had period dressed re-enactors, courtesy of Central Scenes posing as passengers, platform staff and a driver to add some life to the photo's. Afterwards, it was the role of Class 31 D5631 to take the helm on the stock.

The roles were then reversed with poses on the opposite platform facing towards Holt, with D5631 first and then D6732, again the re-enactors performed excellent and it really was like a return to the 1960's, until of course I got into my trusty Peugeot 208 then I was back in 2014 :).

The link to the images of course is here: http://jamespower.zenfolio.com/p890613668

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