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My first day at the Severn Valley Railways Spring Diesel Gala, in a variety of weather, and at several different locations, these being Foley Park, Highley, Hay Bridge, Eardington Bank and ending the day at Oldbury Viaduct when a heavy rain and hail storm put an end to the day.

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60100 Foley Park.45041 Foley Park.20205 20189 Foley Park.33035 Foley Park.55022 Foley Park.33035 Foley Park.47828 Foley Park.50008 Foley Park.D8568 Foley Park.45041 Foley Park.D9551 Foley Park.33035 Foley Park.D8568 Foley Park.50007 Foley Park.20205 20189 Foley Park.60100 Highley.D1062 Highley.55022 Highley.33035 73107 Hay Bridge.50007 Hay Bridge.