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A first for Timeline Events, a 1960's themed photo shoot in a London Bus Depot.
The location was the Ensignbus Depot at Purfleet in Essex.
As ever, we also had a fine cast of re-enactors to bring the scenes to life.

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Ensignbus SN11 FFR, 712 and SN11 FFJ, 706.Ensignbus Leyland Royal Tiger, FFN 451.Ensignbus Routemaster, RM1843, 843 DYE.Ensignbus heritage trio.Ensignbus AEC Regal T499.Ensignbus Heritage Trio.Ensignbus Heritage Line Up.The Inspector calls...Bus Maintenance.Bus Maintenance.Walking the Walk.The Inspector gives out the evenings orders.Setting the Scene.Under the Inspector's watchful eye...."Time to get the bus out".018019"How many men does it take to fix the bus?"Explaining why the bus hasn't left the depot yet.The Inspector watches.