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The British Rail Class 02 were a class of twenty diesel hydraulic shunting locomotives built in 1960 by the Yorkshire Engine Company for service in areas of restricted loading gauge and curvature such as docks. They had the door to the cab at the rear, with a railed veranda behind the cab; this feature was very unusual on British Rail locomotives.

With the changes in the role of the British railway system and the closing of many of the facilities in which the Class 02 locomotives worked, they were increasingly surplus to requirements. The first locomotive was withdrawn from service in 1969 and the last one in 1973. Only three survived long enough to enter the BR TOPS computer system: 02 001 (formerly D2851), 02 003 (D2853), and 02 004 (D2856). Being only nine to fourteen years old when withdrawn, they still had a lot of life left in them, and the majority were sold to private industry.
One example was employed by the National Coal Board at Chatterley Whitfield Colliery near Stoke-on-Trent; this locomotive (number unknown) stayed there when Chatterley Whitfield briefly became a mining museum.

A large number (at least seven) are now in preservation, where their small size makes them perfect as a workshop shunter or for use in track maintenance work. One (D2860) is the works shunter for the National Railway Museum in York, where it is used to move much larger exhibits around.

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