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Photo's of railtours, specials and steam movements photographed on the national rail network, including Test Trains and one off moves.

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67020 67003 Burbage Common.GWR Castle Class 4-6-0 5043 Burbage Common.86259 Rugby.60103 London King's Cross.43036 Burbage Common.43134 Burbage Common.37218 Burbage Common.5043 Hatton North Junction.47812 Hatton.47813 Hatton North Junction.37884 319370 Cathiron.9466 9600 Burbage Common.9600 9466 Burbage Common.47812 319434 Whitacre Junction.47812 319434 Whitacre Junction.88002 Caldecote.88002 Atherstone.60103 Atherstone.68003 North Stafford Junction.57007 68003 North Stafford Junction.