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This class were updated in similar fashion to the 37/4 subclass, except they did not receive Electric Train Heating and some were fitted with Sandite ports. Locomotives previously numbered between 37001 and 37119 (those which had split headcode boxes) were given new numbers from 37501 upwards; those previously numbered between 37120 and 37308 were renumbered from 37699 downwards (locomotives 37601-37613 were Class 37/6, not Class 37/5).

The number ranges were:

37501 - 37521
37601 - 37612
37667 - 37669

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37682 Thornaby.3768837675 is seen in faded Railfreight Distribution livery at Peak Forest with another classmate.37611 in DRS livery at Carlisle Kingmoor Depot.37681 Skipton37521 Polmadie3752037694376833751037674375153769337677376913768837611A376113750437692