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The Class 31/4's were conversions of Class 31/1's and had electric train heating (ETH) fitted and were numbered 31400 - 31469 for use on passenger services. The ETH rating of the Class 31/4's was sufficient enough to provide power to an 11-coach train although in practice the loads of Class 31/4 services rarely exceeded 5 or 6 coaches.

TOPS number range was 31400 - 31469 and were introduced into service between 1970 and 1985.

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31408 Preston.31430314683145231466314213142331439 in Regional Railways livery at Warrington Arpley Sidings.31453 in departmental grey livery at Leeds Holbeck.31417 in Departmental Grey livery at Old Oak Common.31444 in faded Civil Engineers livery at Wigan Component Recovery Centre.31421 in Regional Railways livery at Crewe Diesel Depot.3146531432314243142231428314043141131465