Transport Photography by James Power: Blog en-us James Power (Transport Photography by James Power) Wed, 16 May 2018 15:01:00 GMT Wed, 16 May 2018 15:01:00 GMT Transport Photography by James Power: Blog 120 79 [LOG] Atherstone Sightings - 14/05/18. Sightings from Atherstone, in Warwickshire during a nice sunny day, the main objective was to get 37601 dragging Crossrail 345034 from Crewe LNWR - Old Oak Common, also to get a few of Virgin Trains Pendolino units.

  • 12:23 90043 + 90041 4M27 Coatbridge - Daventry.
  • 12:35 170272 5K70 Norwich Crown Point - Crewe C.S.
  • 12:41 90049 + 90045 4S44 Daventry - Coatbridge.
  • 13:33 37601 + 345034 5Q73 Crewe LNWR - Old Oak Common.
  • 13:43 66416 4M81 Felixstowe - Crewe Basford Hall.
  • 14:37 66553 4L90 Crewe Basford Hall - Felixstowe.
  • 14:45 70015 4M63 Felixstowe - Ditton.
  • 15:37 66119 6V11 Dowlow - Wembley Yard.
  • 15:48 66027 4L56 Trafford Park - London Gateway.
  • 15:58 66561 4M58 Southampton - Crewe Basford Hall.
  • 16:01 90040 + 90018 4M25 Mossend - Daventry.
  • 16:30 170271 5L70 Crewe C.S. - Norwich Crown Point.
  • 16:43 66706 4L18 Trafford Park - Felixstowe.
  • 16:46 70014 4M61 Southampton - Trafford Park.
  • 16:50 66548 4M88 Felixstowe - Trafford Park.



221101, 221102, 221105, 221106, 221107, 221114, 221142.

350101, 350238, 350368, 350372.

390002, 390005, 390009, 390010, 390020, 390040, 390042, 390044, 390047, 390104, 390107, 390114, 390115, 390117, 390118, 390119, 390122, 390127, 390131, 390132, 390134, 390152, 390153, 390156.

(Transport Photography by James Power) Wed, 16 May 2018 14:56:49 GMT
[LOG] Sightings and Observations from D.I.R.F.T. - 19/04/18. A session at an overbridge adjacent to the Daventry International Railfreight Terminal, or Barby Nortoft as it's also called, during a very pleasant and warm day.

  • 12:15 90045 + 90042 4S44 Daventry - Coatbridge.
  • 12:41 90016 + 90049 4M27 Coatbridge - Daventry.
  • 12:47 66552 4M94 Felixstowe - Lawley Street.
  • 13:46 66957 4L46 Lawley Street - London Gateway.
  • 14:12 90028 + 90037 4M25 Mossend - Daventry.
  • 14:27 66508 4M63 Felixstowe - Ditton.
  • 14:29 67005 + 67002 1Z55 London Euston - Burnley Manchester Road.
  • 15:24 66517 4M58 Southampton - Garston.
  • 15:29 66727 4M23 Felixstowe - Hams Hall.
  • 15:43 66567 4L90 Crewe Basford Hall - Felixstowe.
  • 15:59 70008 4M88 Felixstowe - Trafford Park.
  • 16:19 66093 6B30 Mountsorrel - Northampton.
  • 16:45 66085 4L56 Trafford Park - London Gateway.
  • 16:59 70011 4M87 Felixstowe - Trafford Park.
  • 17:05 66558 4L92 Ditton - Felixstowe.



350102, 350110, 350111, 350112, 350115, 350116, 350119, 350120, 350125, 350127, 350129, 350231, 350241, 350257, 350264, 350371, 350374, 350377.


I had come out hoping to see 350373, the sole London North Western Railway liveried Class 350, alas it didn't appear, still there's always another day right ;)







(Transport Photography by James Power) Mon, 23 Apr 2018 16:47:16 GMT
[LOG] Nuneaton Sightings. 16-04-18. First session in quite a while seen a few hours at Nuneaton, which despite being a Monday (it's generally quiet) it turned out to be a good day to "Cop" things for the year.

  • 13:27 70010 4M81 Felixstowe - Crewe Basford Hall
  • 13:30 66598 4L46 Lawley Street - London Gateway.
  • 13:37 90028 + 90037 4M25 Mossend - Daventry.
  • 13:39 66723 6M26 Eastleigh - Mountsorrel.
  • 13:44 66564 4M94 Felixstowe - Lawley Street.
  • 13:57 66093 6G33 Mountsorrel - Small Heath.
  • 14:16 70806 + 70811 6M50 Westbury - Bescot.
  • 14:39 90041 4L90 Trafford Park - Felixstowe.
  • 14:41 66557 4M63 Felixstowe - Ditton.
  • 15:06 66707 4L22 Hams Hall - Felixstowe.
  • 15:10 66764 6M20 Coton Hill - Wellingborough.
  • 15:28 37800 0H70 Leicester L.I.P - Wolverton Centre Sidings.
  • 15:41 66107 6V11 Dowlow - Theale.
  • 15:42 66503 4M58 Southampton - Garston.
  • 15:49 66085 4L56 Trafford Park - London Gateway.
  • 15:49 66727 4M23 Felixstowe - Hams Hall.
  • 16:02 66529 4L57 Birch Coppice - Felixstowe.
  • 16:12 70020 4M61 Southampton - Trafford Park.
  • 16:26 66722 4M29 Felixstowe - Birch Coppice.
  • 16:35 66525 4O17 Lawley Street - Southampton.
  • 16:41 70008 4M88 Felixstowe - Ditton.
  • 16:42 66512 4L92 Ditton - Felixstowe.
  • 16:44 66777 6M40 Westbury - Stud Farm.
  • 16:46 66703 4L18 Trafford Park - Felixstowe.
  • 16:56 66548 0M05 Crewe Basford Hall - Willesden Euro Terminal.
  • 17:10 86622 + 86605 4M87 Felixstowe - Trafford Park.
  • 17:28 66773 0M68 Peterborough - Bescot.
  • 17:40 66762 4Z44 Longtown MOD - Wembley Yard.
  • 18:23 70011 4O29 Trafford Park - Southampton.
  • 18:24 66956 4M67 Southampton - Hams Hall.
  • 18:40 345032 5Z01 Crewe Carriage Sidings - Rugby.
  • 18:52 66763 + 66735 6L48 Garston - Dagenham.
  • 19:07 90049 + 90016 4S45 Daventry - Coatbridge.
  • 19:15 66957 4M56 London Gateway - Garston.
  • 19:17 345032 5Z02 Rugby - Crewe Carriage Sidings. 



170101, 170102, 170103, 170107, 170111, 170113, 170116, 170519, 170523, 170639.

221101, 221107, 221108, 221110, 221112, 221117, 221118.

350105, 350106, 350111, 350116, 350118, 350121, 350123, 350126, 350370, 350371, 350374, 350377.

390001, 390002, 390005, 390006, 390040, 390045, 390046, 390049, 390104, 390114, 390115, 390119, 390121, 390123, 390124, 390125, 390126, 390129, 390130, 390131, 390132, 390134, 390136, 390137, 390154, 390155, 390157.

Overall, it was a pleasant day, and nice to see my first ever Class 345 EMU, which will eventually be used on The Elizabeth Line on the London CrossRail network.







(Transport Photography by James Power) Wed, 18 Apr 2018 17:34:10 GMT
An 8F at the Great Central Railway. Speedy Steam.Speedy Steam. Monday 12th February seen a TIMELINE EVENTS photo charter take place at the Great Central Railway in Leicestershire, commencing at Loughborough Central. The loco for the day was BR Class 8F, 48624 in BR Black livery. As it was to a freight themed photo charter, GCR regulations state that no passengers are to be carried on goods trains so therefore photographers made their way to locations by road, which was easy enough.

Our first port of call was Swithland Sidings, with it's semaphore signals, passing loops and of course the junction for the small branch to Mountsorrel Quarry, it's a steam railway photographers dream recreating the halycon days of steam train travel, which of course is the main aim of Timeline Events - to recreate bygone ages whether it's railways, air, water, road or even period dressed cameo scenes. The first set of shots seen the 8F paired up with a mixed freight rake, which was parked up in one of the sidings, and seen perform quite a few run pasts, starting off at the North end where the Mountsorrel Quarry branches off and the various semaphore signals, before gradually working our way down to the Southern part of the loops. 

Afterwards, the mixed freight rake was put away and the windcutter mineral wagons were brought out, of course the fast, windcutter freight services were the main stay of the Great Central Railway when it was part of the UK rail network, and provided the bread and butter of the GCR's London Extension right up until 1965 when freight services were diverted to other routes, and the rundown continued until closure in 1966 as a through route. The 8F certainly looked the part as she strutted her stuff and indeed, photographs do exist of 8F's working the windcutter services between Annesley, Nottinghamshire and Woodford Halse in Northamptonshire, although 9F's were the main loco's.

After we had our fill of Swithland Sidings, we moved a bit further up the line to another location known as Rabbit Bridge, which is just the other side of Swithland Reservoir from Swithland Sidings. Rabbit Bridge has seen a fair bit of pruning of the undergrowth of late to make the location more appealing for photographers on charters as well as lineside pass holders. Again, the 8F was faultless and it would be very easy to imagine you were back in the late 50's/early 60's and seeing an 8F on a Woodford-bound freight service.

Our next location was Kinchley Lane, probably one of the most popular spots on the Great Central Railway for photographers, and offers fantastic views of Southbound services. The 8F was once again put through her paces for a series of run pasts for photographers and the videographers (I was doing both so it was nice to get a bit of variety). Just before 2pm, bearing in mind we'd been photographing since 8am, it was decided that the loco would return to Swithland Sidings to put the windcutter rake away, return to Loughborough to get watered and for the crew to have a break, before returning to Quorn to collect the next, and final rake; the recently repainted van train. Estimating it would take an hour to an hour and a half, we set off for some lunch, coming back into Quorn, we decided to go to the Butler Henderson Cafe at Quorn & Woodhouse Station to get fed and watered, looking at the menu, the All Day Breakfast really stood out and I thought "Ooo, that'll do me nicely...". 

After some time elapsed, it was noticed that the 8F had returned from Loughborough, and after passing through Quorn & Woodhouse, had set back to collect the van train from one of the sidings. Our organiser, Neil, was made aware and such we all finished off our food and drink before heading back to Kinchley Lane for the next set of run pasts with the van train. In the meantime, the train crew waited patiently for us to get into position at Kinchley Lane, before being given the go ahead that we were in position, before performing the first run past with the vans, and a lovely looking ensemble it was too, the vans are a real credit to the volunteers who have given up their spare time to repaint them, I understand that a few more are to be done over time as well to make a longer train. Sadly, as time was getting on, and with the still relatively short days at this time of year, we didn't have time to visit any more locations and before long time was called just after 5pm.

Still, it was a fantastic day of photography, and mostly in the glorious Winter sunshine too. As ever, grateful thanks to Neil Cave of Timeline Events and of course the staff at the Great Central Railway who gave up their free time to allow this charter to take place.



(Transport Photography by James Power) Thu, 15 Feb 2018 19:38:30 GMT
Lunch with a view. 31/01/18. Wednesday, myself and my "better half" opted for a lunch out somewhere, well it's been a fair weeks since we were last out together, and as the kids were at school we thought that  we might as well treat ourselves right??.

Having thought of a few options, we eventually settled on The Wentworth Arms in Elmesthorpe, a small village not too far from Hinckley and, of course, more or less next to the railway line that runs between Nuneaton and Leicester, a coincidence on my part???. Well yes maybe ;). Arriving just after 12:30pm, we located a nice little booth next to the front window of the restaurant which overlooks the main Station Road between the A47 Clickers Way and the next village of Stoney Stanton, as well as a small field, you can also get good views of the railway line too, fancy that lol. Station Road, is so called as there was once a station in Elmesthorpe until 1969, when it was closed and subsequently demolished, however the old goods shed still stands and is now in use as a private business, although sometimes proposals to reopen Elmesthorpe do reappear from time to time. 

Having a guess that we'd be there for the best part of an hour or so, I had a little gander at Real Time Trains website and seen that there was a few movements booked through during the course of our stay, and so in between eating I would have a look out to see what was coming.

The Start of it.

Normally, as a rule, I refrain from having a starter course, but as I was not working today, I decided to push the boat out and indulge in a starter, better the devil you know, I went for the starter I usually have which was the Crispy Chicken Strips, lovely pieces of chicken in a Louisiana-style coating accompanied by a garnished salad and BBQ dip, needless to say they weren't on my plate for very long :P. 

The Main Subject.

After having the starter, and allowing sufficient time to go down, I was presented with my main course, again, in my opinion, was a tasty dish and was the Gammon & Eggs, consisting of quite a thick piece of gammon steak, it was accompanied by thick cut gourmet chips, garden peas as well as 2 fried eggs, ideal if you want to dip your chips in the yolk, because lets face it, we've all dipped chips in an egg yolk at some point or other, you can though have either 2 pineapple rings instead or 1 egg and 1 pineapple ring, it's entirely your choice.

The Inbetweeners.

Whilst it's easy to go on about how good the food was, and believe me, it's very good, it's very easy to overlook another main interest of mine - The Trains!!!. During the hour or so I was there, I seen 3 freight services with loco's from GBRf, Freightliner and finally DB Cargo making appearances:

  • 12:43 66740 Sarah 6G16 Stud Farm - Bescot.
  • 13:23 70005 4M81 Felixstowe - Crewe Basford Hall.
  • 13:46 66183 6B30 Mountsorrel - Northampton Castle Yard.

There was of course the usual diet of CrossCountry Class 170 Turbostars plying their trade between Birmingham, Leicester and East Anglia, but due to operational requirements, 6V92 Corby - Margam steel empties were cancelled, and 6M26 Eastleigh - Mountsorrel empty ballast was running a bit late, and we had to leave before it arrived.

Photting with Style!.

Apart from a very decent place to grab a bite to eat, whether you want a light snack, a big juicy steak or even just a coffee and cake, on the opposite side of the field is a stile which is also a public footpath across the railway line PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS ISN'T A GREEN LIGHT TO TRESPASS ON THE RAILWAY!!. The stile is set a fair bit back from the line and gives quite a bit of height over the overgrowth to view, and indeed photograph passing trains, although the only flip side really is the fact it isn't a particularly busy line, although from time to time, especially at certain weekends you do get diverted container freight services from East Anglia to the Midlands/North-West as well as the odd sand train that originates at Middleton Towers, near Kings Lynn, and if you're really lucky, the occasional discharged oil tank train from Bedworth going back to Immingham's Puma Energy site - usually consisted of a rake of rent-a-wrecks.

Further information about The Wentworth Arms can be found HERE.









(Transport Photography by James Power) Thu, 01 Feb 2018 23:42:51 GMT
2 Freights in 20 minutes at the Local Haunt. 30/01/18. 66149 Burbage Common.66149 Burbage Common.Looking smart in DB livery, 66149 passes through Burbage Common, near Hinckley, working 6V92 Corby - Margam steel empties. Seeing it was a nice sunny day in Leicestershire with more or less wall to wall blue sky I ventured out to my local spot as there was 2 freight services due. First off was DB liveried 66149 working 6V92 Corby - Margam steel empties with quite a lengthy rake of steel carriers. The second service was GBRf's 66740 Sarah working 6G16 Stud Farm - Bescot loaded ballast boxes, conveying nearly 2000 tons of Leicestershire to the virtual quarry near Birmingham.

Arriving to the spot, I seen there was already a few cars parked at the side of the road by Burbage Common and my first reaction was "This is a lot of people just for a DB Shed" alas as it happens, I had just missed Rail Operations Group 37800 working back to Leicester from Northampton Kings Heath Depot as the handful of enthusiasts that were returning to their vehicles told me, once I told them that 66149 was coming some changed their minds and also decided to wait for the shed too anyway.

Afterwards, it was back home as i had dinner to cook and get ready for my first night shift of the week.


6V92 10:22 CORBY B.S.C. - MARGAM T.C.

66149 +

910537, 910279, 900243, 900027, 900080, 900087, 900110, 900119, 910197, 910219, 910388, 900304, 910029, 910020.


66740 Sarah +

394615, 394921, 394263, 394723, 394844, 394846, 396083, 394516, 501320, 501398, 501399, 501400, 501340, 501004, 501135, 501131, 501130, 501064, 501017, 501170, 501171, 501169, 501177. 



(Transport Photography by James Power) Wed, 31 Jan 2018 16:00:10 GMT
Visit to the local. 22/01/18. As I haven't been down the local spot for a good few weeks; beginning of December 2017 was the last time, I decided to pay a visit, especially seeing there was a couple of off-piste movements due through. Leaving home, I drove the relatively short distance to Burbage Common, getting there just before 10am. Well I say relatively short distance, it's about 50 minutes walking distance lol. Despite the snow and subsequent rain we had the previous day, the ground wasn't too sodden, luckily there is some really thick grass on the way to the crossing so this kept the mud on my trainers down to a minimum.

Sightings for the just over 2-hour spell were:


  • 10:20 66745 + 66767 + 66769 0M22 Peterborough - Hams Hall.
  • 10:22 66428 6U76 Crewe Basford Hall - Mountsorrel.
  • 10:43 73969 0Z30 Loughborough Brush - Washwood Heath.
  • 10:55 66304 6C89 Mountsorrel - Carlisle Yard.
  • 11:18 70010 4L93 Lawley Street - Felixstowe.
  • 11:55 159003 5O96 Loughborough Brush - Salisbury T&RSMD.
  • 12:15 170205 5Z70 Norwich Crown Point - Crewe C.S.
  • 12:22 66021 6V92 Corby - Margam.


170103, 170107, 170113, 170117, 170636, 170638.



6C89 09:38 Mountsorrel - Carlisle.


501087, 501200, 501199, 501201, 501027, 501025, 501193, 501195, 501194, 501085, 501080, 501180, 501178, 501179, 501020, 501062, 501132, 501138, 501124, 501003. 

6V92 10:22 Corby - Margam.

66021 +

900119, 900099, 900203, 900080, 900087, 900110, 900223, 900205, 900060, 900066, 900221, 910252, 900158, 900253, 900153, 900218, 900188, 900253, 900218, 900188, 900035, 900084, 900038, 900027.


All in all, not bad for a Monday on what is usually a quiet day.




(Transport Photography by James Power) Mon, 22 Jan 2018 20:42:35 GMT
Nuneaton Trip - 03/01/18. As I had a prior engagement in Nuneaton, and had to be in work later in the evening too, I decided to drive to work, park my car up (free parking anyway ;)) and then catch the train at Bermuda Park Station, which opened in 2016, for the relatively short journey into Nuneaton, plus for £1.70 return it was better than parking in the town centre and paying the car parking prices, plus the engagement was only stone throw away at The Ginger Tree All-You-Can-Eat buffet. 

Parking up, it was a brisk 15 minute walk to Bermuda Park Station, which has been made easier since new traffic control flows were installed on the Griff Roundabout a few years earlier, walking down St. Georges Way, I had a brief remembrance looking at the big piece of wasteland where Lynx Express use to be, I worked there for 2 years from 2001 until 2003, when I left and went to pastures new. Lynx later got took over by UPS (United Parcel Service), who then moved all their operations to a huge, new site at Birch Coppice, near Tamworth. Funnily enough, UPS also had their hub on Bermuda Park, just down from Lynx on Gresham Road, and like Lynx, I also worked there from 1999 until 2001 when I actually went to Lynx.

Arriving at Bermuda Park Station, I purchased my ticket from the self-service ticket machine, personally I think it's a little exposed to the elements and maybe a bigger shelter could have been provided, although I expect the machine is weather sealed anyway.

Walking up the stairs to the platform, I was the lone passenger at first until 3 other passengers joined me, and we waited for the train to arrive.

On time, at 12:59, 153365 arrived and we boarded, there was a few other passengers on board so it was nice to see the service is used in off-peak periods - I understand the peak periods is like a sardine express for the single coach service. 4 minutes after leaving Bermuda Park, we arrived at Nuneaton Station, where I made my way across to The Ginger Tree, for a couple of hours.

After a nice hearty dinner, I made my way back to Nuneaton Station, where I decided to stay for an hour or so, and get some numbers in for 2018 :), at one point, it really chucked down with rain, the remnants of Storm Eleanor - which  had wreaked havoc across the country in the previous 24 hours. 

I met a couple of old faces when I was at Nuneaton, some I hadn't seen for a couple of years and had a nice catch up, but soon enough, it was time to head to work.

Making my way back to Platform 1 for the Dogbox of Doom for the short trip back to Bermuda Park, luckily the rain had stopped and the sky was clearing slightly, it was an on time departure of 16:14 and 4 minutes later we was back in Bermuda Park, again, there was a couple of people getting off and on, so it's nice to see the station is being used, hopefully it'll see more use if and when the half-hourly service is implemented between Coventry and Nuneaton. Retracing my steps back to work, I had to be extra careful as the volume of traffic on the A444 around Griff Island was building up with the rush hour fast approaching.


12:59 153365 Bermuda Park - Nuneaton.

16:14 153365 Nuneaton - Bermuda Park.


  • 14:41 66761 6M26 Eastleigh - Mountsorrel.
  • 15:05 66763 4L22 Hams Hall - Felixstowe.
  • 15:16 66514 4M88 Felixstowe - Ditton.
  • 15:48 66515 4M58 Southampton - Garston.
  • 16:07 66206 4L56 Trafford Park - London Gateway.



170109, 170110, 170397, 170521, 170636.

350105, 350126, 350130.



(Transport Photography by James Power) Thu, 04 Jan 2018 13:52:17 GMT
New Year, New Galleries.


Happy New Year to my viewers, fellow photographers and fellow transport enthusiasts alike.

As you can probably see if you've visited my site since Midnight (01/01/18), I've created new galleries and collections in the relevant areas ready to fill with - hopefully loads - of photographs during 2018.

As I mentioned previously, 2017 seen me divert attention away from the road haulage scene and as such no lorries were photographed, however, these will be returning in 2018 so keep your eyes peeled when the Road Haulage 2018. collection will be updated, as I can give no definite dates for updates I can only advise that you check back periodically. 

Other collections will carry on as previous years, and already I have 3 confirmed Timeline Events photo charters in the pipeline between now and March, involving steam trains, aircraft and even trolleybuses.

In the meantime, happy snapping and have a photastic 2018. 







(Transport Photography by James Power) Mon, 01 Jan 2018 19:13:19 GMT
James Power's Blog: The Resurrection. Good Evening (or Morning depending on when you read this blog).

Well I must say it's been a fair while since I did a blog on here, April 2016 to be precise (it's December 2017 now.....).

So why has it taken me so long to write a blog??, to be honest I do not have an answer I'm afraid, maybe just laziness, or just forgot about it perhaps??.

Anyway as 2017 draws to a close, It's very unlikely I'll do a major update before 2018 starts, so I'll do an end of year summary now.

First and foremost, I would like to Thank everyone who has visited this site over the course of 2017, it is appreciated indeed and I'm also glad of the feedback I received too.

It has been asked why have I not bothered with road haulage this year, it's NOT a case of I can't be bothered, but I simply haven't had time, not to mention my days off this year haven't coincided with any Truck Events, which I am somewhat disappointed in but hopefully 2018 will be different - well actually it will be, as my Truckfest galleries have been popular over the last few years.

As you may have also seen, my enthusiasm for aircraft hasn't abated either and I still managed a few trips out to Heathrow and Manchester, can we expect anything different in 2018??, possibly more visits to Birmingham as that's my local airport but it's too early to say as and when I will visit airports, of course I will also still do aviation-themed Timeline Events.

The railway front has, however, proved quite productive, with a nice selection of workings captured over the year, as well as some nice photo charters attended as well and of course this will continue in 2018 :). 




(Transport Photography by James Power) Wed, 13 Dec 2017 20:35:59 GMT
Sheds on Sunday. 10/04/16. So it was Sunday Morning, sun was shining and it was also my first one back at work later in the evening, so what better way to do then go out with the camera, Sunday however isn't one of the better days for transport photography so it was a case of check Realtime Trains to see what was happening. I seen that the car train from Halewood to Southampton was running so it was a case of plot a place and go, with the light being decent, the best place to get to was Barby Nortoft next to Daventry International Railfreight Terminal on the fringes of Northamptonshire, so it was down the A5 I went.

Arriving at the location, which on RTT is classed as Daventry North Junction, no surprise really seeing the junction is literally just North of the bridge. Another glance at RTT seen there was also 2 engineers' services due so I hung about to see what materialised.....

  • 12:12 66168 6O38 Halewood - Southampton Eastern Docks.
  • 12:22 66060 6R04 Weedon - Bescot via Swanbourne Sidings.
  • 12:56 66182 6R05 Weedon - Bescot via Swanbourne Sidings.


(Transport Photography by James Power) Mon, 11 Apr 2016 12:41:17 GMT
Good Friday, Good Workings. 25/03/16 Compared to the day previous when the weather was rubbish, Good Friday yielded some decent light and weather to boot, the only downside was most stuff was showing as either cancelled or just not running, anyhow, determined not to let the nice weather go to waste, I armed myself with my camera and headed off, first port of call being Elford, just North of Tamworth....


  • 12:04 60044 6E54 Kingsbury - Humber.
  • 12:21 60020 6M57 Lindsey - Kingsbury.
  • 12:33 66014 + 90019 6D44 Bescot - Toton.
  • 12:40 66150 4M07 Felixstowe - Burton Yard.
  • 13:19 66144 6O01 Doncaster - Hinksey.


  • 13:49 66144 6O01 Doncaster - Hinksey.
  • 13:55 66605 6Z90 Southall T.C. - Barrow Hill.
  • 14:27 66054 4M11 Washwood Heath R.M.C - Toton Yard.


  • 15:22 66610 6L89 Tunstead - West Thurrock.
  • 16:06 37884 + 37503 + 56104 6Z37 Barrow Hill - Leicester L.I.P.


  • 16:44 48624 16:40 Loughborough Central - Leicester North.


  • 18:27 60017 6M00 Humber - Kingsbury.


  • 19:03 60020 6E59 Kingsbury - Lindsey.
  • 19:17 60017 6M00 Humber - Kingsbury.




(Transport Photography by James Power) 37503 37884 48624 56104 60017 60020 60044 66014 66054 66144 66150 66605 66610 90019 Cossington DB Schenker EWS Elford Europhoenix Freightliner Portway Scotrail Tamworth Woodthorpe Sat, 26 Mar 2016 15:35:08 GMT
Z's in Burbage Common. 24/03/16 Hi Folks,

Well it wasn't an ideal day to be out with the camera with it being dull and a forecast of rain for some parts of it, nevertheless there was some workings which commanded my attention.

Seen, in order, was:

  • 10:50 66504 4L93 Lawley Street - Felixstowe.
  • 11:05 47773 5Z47 Soho L.M.D - Old Dalby.
  • 11:25 73970 + 92023 0Z73 Loughborough Brush - Crewe H.S. 

I was also aware of 68011 working 6U76 Crewe Basford Hall - Mountsorrel empty ballast boxes but this seemed to have had issues near Stafford and with the rain starting I decided to shut up shop and go home.







(Transport Photography by James Power) 0Z73 47773 4L93 5Z47 66504 73970 92032 Brush Burbage Common Crewe Dalby Felixstowe Lawley Loughborough Old Soho Street Thu, 24 Mar 2016 19:39:15 GMT
A nice, sunny Monday on the West Coast Mainline in Warwickshire. Given the weather over the weekend just gone was a mixture of rain, sun, sleet, snow and winds, Monday was quite a contrast with clear blue skies, plenty of sunshine but chilly. Monday's however are quite dire on the railway front so I didn't really expect to get much, so much so I had planned to do some lorry photting on the A5 however as the morning drew on, it became apparent that there was a few bits knocking about, however my first phot was to occur at my local lineside spot of Burbage Common, on the outskirts of Hinckley - yes I know many of you will already know where Burbage Common is from my posts on the gen groups but I still get the odd question of "Where is Burbage Common??". The train in particular is a somewhat regular runner; 6U76 Crewe Basford Hall - Mountsorrel empty ballast boxes which - if running to time - passes Burbage around 10:20, give or take a minute or two. Needless to say, some early morning heads up suggested 68019 Brutus would be providing the horses, 68019 of course being the latest to the Class 68 fleet, operated by Direct Rail Services and the empty wagons to Mountsorrel tend to be regularly 68-hauled. Due about the same time as well was 56098 working a light engine move from Leicester Depot to Cardiff Tidal, in preparation to a rake of empty scrap wagons from Cardiff to Chaddesden Sidings on Tuesday 8th March.

Needless to say, upon arriving at Burbage Common, I was getting my camera and video camera out of the car when the unmistakable sound of a Class 56 horn cut through the still, calm chilly air - heralding the approach of the locomotive to any ramblers near any of the 2 foot crossings in the area, all I could do was watch as she passed by. OK no problem, I proceeded with getting my equipment and lugging it the couple hundred yards to the foot crossing whilst dogging the various puddles and wet patches, I still had 15 minutes or so to kill before the arrival of 68019 which gave ample time to get set up. Before long, she came into view with a tasty rake of former Railtrack liveried MRA wagons as opposed to the more common rake of yellow IOA boxes.

Getting back to the car, it was a case of checking the gen to see what else was happening as well looking at Realtime Trains, as I hadn't done much on the West Coast Mainline, I checked to see what was running and seen first off there was a light loco move, running as an 0Z92 from Crewe to Willesden, this was down as a Caledonian Sleeper loco and so naturally I though "Oooo.......A Class 92" especially as GBRf have given quite a few a new lease of life over the last couple of years, and with more to come too. Driving away from Burbage Common though a new situation arose whereby I had to relieve myself, it wasn't extremely urgent but there was no way I was going to make it to Atherstone in time without leaving a tidy little mess. Fortunately I don't live far from The Common so a small divert was made back home. 

Having relieved myself, it was back in the car and getting myself acquainted with the A5 for the trip to Atherstone - where, unbeknown to me at the time, I would spend the best part of 3 hours. The actual location was the footbridge off of Westwood Road - a handy place for anything going South but useless for anything going North. Meeting a couple more enthusiasts we all soon got talking and before long 0Z92 was almost upon us, in the shape of Freightliner's 90049 as GBRf have been hiring a fair few Class 90's from Freightliner of late due to ongoing issues with the Class 92's, in all fairness though most of the Class 92's haven't turned a wheel in nearly a decade and so you can't expect them to run straightaway without ironing a few kinks.

Whilst at the bridge, we were also aware of a 3Z68 test train running from Derby RTC to London Euston Down Carriage Shed Neck, yes I know it's a bit of a tongue twister lol, the info originally was it was to be a DBSO + loco combination with the DBSO leading from Derby, as the move was booked to turn off the Derby - Birmingham line at Wichnor Junction and meet up with the West Coast Mainline at Lichfield Trent Valley, the loco would therefore lead to London, at this point we had no idea what the loco was although the train hadn't left Derby and was running late. Soon enough it flagged up as leaving Derby - 120 minutes late, but it made good progress down to Lichfield, even though we still had no idea what the loco was, until it got to Comberford where an enthusiast reported it as 37219 top and tailed with 37175 on the rear. Happy Days as both tractors are in Colas livery and would look nice in the sun.

Soon, and as with Burbage Common, the still atmosphere was shattered with that all too common English Electric thrash as the train came into view, even more surprising was that the train was on the Up Fast as well which in my opinion was even better.

Another nice surprise for the day was a pair of Gatwick Express liveried Class 387 units doing mileage accumulation tests between Wembley and Crewe, with 387213 and 387214 being the pair.

The Sightings is as follows:

Burbage Common.

  • 10:07 56098 0Z56 Leicester Depot - Cardiff Tidal.
  • 10:23 68019 6U76 Crewe Basford Hall - Mountsorrel.



  • 11:43 90049 0Z92 Crewe - Wembley.
  • 11:51 66059 4O21 Trafford Park - Southampton.
  • 12:30 387213 + 387214 5K55 Wembley - Crewe.
  • 12:41 70003 4Z44 Daventry - Coatbridge.
  • 13:07 70011 4Z27 Coatbridge - Daventry.
  • 13:34 66566 4M81 Felixstowe - Crewe Basford Hall.
  • 13:42 90018 + 90036 4M25 Mossend - Daventry.
  • 13:54 37219 t/n/t 37175 3Z68 Derby RTC - London Euston DCSN.
  • 14:09 66109 6O42 Halewood - Southampton.
  • 14:43 90042 4M63 Felixstowe - Ditton.
  • 14:47 66572 4L90 Trafford Park - Felixstowe.
  • 14:55 387214 + 387213 5A55 Crewe - Wembley.








(Transport Photography by James Power) 37175 37219 387213 387214 56098 66059 66109 66566 66572 68019 70003 70011 90018 90036 90042 90049 Atherstone Burbage Common Mon, 07 Mar 2016 23:15:35 GMT
WCML Footex's. With the Ruggex services doing the rounds between Coventry and Nuneaton, there was also 2 "Footex" services operating from Liverpool to Wembley Central in conjunction with the Carling Cup final game between Liverpool -vs- Manchester City at Wembley Central. 

The first service to run was 1Z68, the 10:05 Liverpool South Parkway - Wembley Central, this train was consisted with EWS-liveried 90035 leading with Royal Train 67005 Queen's Messenger on the rear, running approximately 4 minutes early, I photographed the train at Atherstone Westwood Road just as a Virgin Pendolino train was overtaking, originally I didn't think much of the shot but on the other hand I think it represents a good West Coast Mainline shot.

The second service was 1Z57 10:48 Liverpool Lime Street - Wembley Central, which was DRS Northern Belle set, Northern Belle-liveried 57312 Solway Princess was leading, with DRS-liveried 57310 Pride of Cumbria on the rear. I shot this train at Atherstone Station, with the classic station building forming the back drop. 

90035 Atherstone.90035 Atherstone.90035 passes through Atherstone working 1Z68 10:05 Liverpool South Parkway - Wembley Central foot-ex. An unidentified Virgin Pendolino runs alongside working 1A10 10:01 Preston - London Euston Virgin Trains service.    

(Transport Photography by James Power) Thu, 03 Mar 2016 14:17:59 GMT
Sent to Coventry..... Sunday 28th March seen a trial service take place along the Coventry - Nuneaton line in conjunction with The Wasps -vs- Harlequins game at the Coventry Arena (formerly Ricoh Arena).

Since opening in January 2016, the station has received much bad publicity mainly due to the fact that despite being situated next to the Arena, there would be no extra capacity available on match days or events due to London Midland only using a single coach Class 153 DMU which can only carry 75 passengers. 

To overcome this, The Wasps and London Midland, in a joint venture with DB Schenker hired in a 6-coach train set formed of former Anglia Railways MKII coaches from Riviera Trains. The motive power came in the shape of 2 Class 67 diesel locomotives with one at each end of the set to ease run round at Nuneaton and Coventry stations. The particular loco's on the day was EWS-liveried 67028 and Royal Train 67006 Royal Sovereign with the latter being on the Nuneaton end from Coventry.

I took full advantage of the day and photographed the train at various points along the Coventry - Nuneaton line starting off at Bermuda Park Station, another new station which also opened on 18th January 2016 alongside Coventry Arena. Unlike the usual London Midland service -  which on this day was in the hands of 153364 and 153354, the loco-hauled service did not call at Bermuda Park or Bedworth, only just stopping at Coventry Arena and then Coventry.



  • 2T01 12:18 Coventry - Nuneaton.
  • 2T02 12:50 Nuneaton - Coventry.
  • 2T03 13:20 Coventry - Nuneaton.
  • 2T04 13:50 Nuneaton - Coventry.
  • 2T05 14:19 Coventry - Nuneaton.
  • 2T06 14:50 Nuneaton - Coventry.
  • 5T08 15:25 Coventry - Nuneaton.
  • 2T08 16:50 Nuneaton - Coventry.
  • 2T07 17:19 Coventry - Nuneaton.
  • 2T10 17:50 Nuneaton - Coventry.
  • 2T09 18:19 Coventry - Nuneaton.
  • 2T12 18:50 Nuneaton - Coventry.


Personally, I can't figure why it was an ECS movement from Coventry back to Nuneaton but I'm sure there was a reason.


‚Äč 67028 Nuneaton.67028 Nuneaton.67028 recesses in Platform 1 at Nuneaton Station whilst awaiting it's next diagram; 2T08 16:50 Nuneaton - Coventry service.  



(Transport Photography by James Power) 2T01 2T02 2T03 2T04 2T05 2T06 2T07 2T08 2T09 2T10 2T12 5T08 67006 67028 Arena Bermuda Coventry EWS Harlequins Holbrooks Nuneaton Park Royal Rugby Ruggex Sovereign Wasps Thu, 03 Mar 2016 14:03:34 GMT
Burbage Common & Narborough. 24/02/16 A small session on Wednesday along my local line.

Burbage Common.

  • 12:23 66095 6V92 Corby - Margam.


  • 13:03 66752 6V16 Stud Farm - Hinksey.
  • 13:15 66504 4M81 Felixstowe - Crewe Basford Hall.
  • 13:37 66129 6B30 Mountsorrel - Northampton.





(Transport Photography by James Power) 4M81 66095 66129 66504 66752 6B30 6V16 6V92 Burbage Common Narborough Thu, 25 Feb 2016 15:42:11 GMT
Burbage Common. 16/02/16 A quick visit to my local lineside spot to make the most of some nice weather before work.

  • 13:19 66762 6V16 Cliffe Hill Stud Farm - Hinksey Yard.
  • 13:25 66540 4M81 Felixstowe - Trafford Park.



(Transport Photography by James Power) 4M81 66540 66762 6V16 Burbage Common Freightliner GBRf Wed, 17 Feb 2016 14:22:19 GMT
Derbyshire & Staffordshire freight log. 15/02/16. The day after Valentine's Day was bright and sunny, albeit cold, then again it is February after all so cold weather is expected. I started the day at Stenson Junction before a quick drive round to Barrow Upon Trent, before heading back to Stenson Junction for a second stint. After things were done at Stenson Junction, it was a quick drive down the A38 towards Tamworth for a short session before ending the day at Portway.


  • 11:03 60011 6M57 Lindsey - Kingsbury.
  • 11:09 31452 0Z31 Derby RTC - Washwood Heath.
  • 11:15 66090 4M11 Washwood Heath - Peak Forest.
  • 11:42 68017 t/n/t 68004 1Q18 Derby RTC - Crewe Carriage Sidings.
  • 11:59 66170 0Z98 Toton - Bescot.


  • 12:28 60020 6E54 Kingsbury - Humber.


  • 13:06 66046 6D44 Bescot - Toton.
  • 13:09 66719 6V09 Tinsley Yard - Shrewsbury Coton Hill.
  • 13:13 37603 0Z37 Derby RTC - Crewe Gresty Bridge.


  • 14:21 66566 4M81 Felixstowe - Trafford Park.
  • 14:35 60017 6E08 Wolverhampton - Immingham.
  • 14:41 66413 4Z54 Coatbridge - Daventry.
  • 14:44 90016 4M63 Felixstowe - Ditton.
  • 14:45 90029 + 90036 0A06 Crewe IEMD - Wembley.


  • 15:19 56113 + 60087 0G66 Toton - Bescot.
  • 15:56 60059 6E41 Westerleigh - Lindsey.
  • 16:01 56087 6E07 Washwood Heath - Boston Docks.
  • 16:06 66708 + 66777, 66776, 66779, 66778, 66774, 66773, 66775 0X66 Newport Docks - Doncaster Roberts Road.


As always thank you to the usual gen providers and Wayne Radford for company. 




(Transport Photography by James Power) 31452 37603 56087 56113 60011 60017 60020 60059 60087 66046 66090 66170 66413 66566 66708 66719 66773 66774 66775 66776 66777 66778 66779 68004 68017 90016 90029 90036 Barrow Upon Trent Colas DB Schenker DRS Direct EWS Freightliner GBRf Junction Portway Rail Railfreight Services Stenson Tamworth Wed, 17 Feb 2016 14:19:14 GMT
Evening Star and the Pines Express. 02/02/16. Tuesday 2nd February seen a Timeline Events photo charter take place at the the Great Central Railway in Leicestershire which utilised Class 9F 92212 masquerading as 92220 Evening Star. 2016 marks the 50th anniversary of the closure of the Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway which ran between Bath Green Park and Bournemouth West over some difficult terrain - a victim of the infamous Beeching Axe. One of the most famous express trains in the UK traversed the line; the Pines Express which ran between Manchester London Road (now known as Manchester Piccadilly) and Bournemouth West.

92220 Evening Star is indeed recorded as working the Pines Express back on the 8th September 1962 and, coupled with the fact the Great Central Railway is a mixture of double and single track this proved a great recreation. The S&DJR was indeed a combination of single and double track running as well.

Photo's can be found here:

And some video footage here:    

(Transport Photography by James Power) 92220 9F Central Dorset Evening Events Express Great Joint Pines Railway Somerset Star Timeline Wed, 03 Feb 2016 11:59:21 GMT